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X2 Bunkers

x2Tower.gif X2 (Tower) Price: $349.00
This is a very compact bunker that is easily transportable and quickly deployed. It is apx. 2 ft. wide and 6 ft. tall. It can be anchored down with a single spike in windy conditions or weights can be added for hard surfaces. It can be used vertically, horizontally, or angled as desired. Vertical strength can support over 200 lbs.
x2Wall.gif Extension Wall Price: $199.00
This is a 10 ft. wide by 6 ft. tall wall that is supported between two X2 Towers. It is quickly attached providing a significant increase of field coverage. It is extremely light yet will not mold or mildew, blocks paint, bb's, and infrared light.
x2WallTower.gif X2 Set Price: $849.99
The set includes two X2 towers and one 10 ft. extension Wall. Stretched across a field it will provide 12 linear feet of coverage, 6 ft. high! Set up and take down time is less than 60 seconds. Great player interaction and field appeal.
x2Bunkers.gif x2 Basic Battlefield Price: $4,899.00
The x2 Basic Battlefield includes 12 X2 bunkers and 6 extension Walls at a significant savings. This will provide a complete basic battlefield for any combative sport for paintball, airsoft, lasertag, or archery tag! With an average spacing of 30 feet between sets the battlefield can be stretched to over 150 feet.
x2DisplayTower.jpg ADTower Frame Price: $299.00
The x2Tower provides an excellent canvas for advertising and marketing campaigns or other informational displays. Offers a 4-sided, eye-catching structure that can be positioned nearly anywhere. The ADTower Frame provides the structural support for the banner wrapper. With an exchangeable banner the frame can be re-used increasing its ROI and usefulness.
x2TowerWrap.gif ADWrap Price: $249.99
The AdBanner wraps around the X2 Frame providing either a continuous theme or a 4-sided presentation canvas. Create customized, stunning wraps to inform customers and create eye-catching presentations. Quickly move or relocate indoors or out.
*Graphics required in order to complete order. Qty: